Property Development & Refurbishment


When it comes to Property & Building Refurbishment, Restoration or Developments in and around Glasgow then look no further.


At Glasgow Construction Group we have encountered the majority of the issues that Glasgows properties can present. At the Group we can cater for all aspects of a project. We appreciatte the decoration & applying the delicate finishing touches relating to the project are just as important as the base build stages.


We are with you for the full process if you should require so.


We can also come and attend to singular issues or problems during ongoing renovations or developments. The group have you fully covered with the correct asessments, effective and very efficient planning along with free quotes and advice.


Have a look at our gallery to see some previous projects.


To contact us please call 07521631805 or click on the Gold button below to complete a form & your relevant person will contact you to arrange a free consultation & quote.


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